How to Introduce Your Dog to a Crate

dog crate
It is very important that you introduce your dog to the crate it’s going to be in the correct way so its house training goes as smoothly as possible. A crate can be a very useful tool when training a dog, but you have to use it properly with your dog. If you have yet to purchase a crate, you will want to get one that your dog can fit in comfortably with enough room for it to do its business on one side.

You will also want to put a toy with treats stuffed inside in the crate while your dog is outside; when the dog starts pawing at it to get inside, let it in to investigate.

Next you will want to get your puppy inside its crate and close the door. You will want to sit outside of the crate and praise your dog for getting in, as this will reinforce the behavior for the future. Let your dog out of the crate after 15-20 seconds of it being inside. Take the treat away and close the crate door, reopening it and putting the treat back in. Repeat this process at least a few times each day.

There are a number of tips that you will want to follow when introducing your dog to its new crate, including feeding it only in the crate. It’s highly recommended that you use a kong or some other type of hollow chew toy that the dog can get its food out of. Place the dog’s meal in the very back of the crate so it can easily reach it without any issues whatsoever.

Make sure that you always praise your dog when it goes into the crate on its own, as this a behavior you will definitely want to reinforce.

Getting your new dog used to its crate can take some time, so you will therefore have to be very patient with it at first. You will want to allow your dog to explore the crate on its own, leaving the door open with some food inside to encourage it to go exploring.

It is crucial that you do not force your dog into the crate, especially at first when it is first being introduced to it. This is definitely a process that you will need to ease your dog into slowly so it goes as smoothly as possible.

The use of treats is essential when you are introducing your dog to its crate, as you will need to give it some incentive to go in at first to explore. While some dog owners do not like keeping their pets in a crate because they feel bad about confining it, your dog will get used to it after a while and it’s essential when house training it. While you do not absolutely need to use a crate or kennel when house training your dog, it can be very helpful.

Keep repeating the above process until your dog starts to go into the crate when it is instructed. Not all dogs learn to go into their crates right away, so you may have to spend a few days or more going through the motions with your pet until they get the hang of things. In the end you will be glad you did all of this.